Indonesian Contemporary Gamelan Ensemble (ICGE)

P R O J E C T - la birinth music

Indonesian Contemporary
Ensemble ©2018

The Gamelan Ensemble was formed by composer M. Arham Aryadi 18 November 2010 in Jakarta. Until now, there have been three generations of players who have joined to play the works of new music composers for gamelan. Some of ICGE's performances were at the Tembi Yogyakarta Music Festival, Karawitan ISI Surakarta, IKJ Postgraduate Postfestival Theater Taman Ismail Marzuki, Erasmus Huis Jakarta and the Goethe Haus Institut Jakarta. November 2018 will coincide with the 8th anniversary of ICGE will hold a concert tour in Madura Island East Java, Pamekasan and Bangkalan districts using a 500-year-old gamelan funded by the Kelola Foundation from the 2018 Performing Arts Grants/Hibah Seni Kelola 2018.
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