P R O J E C T - la birinth music

la birinth ensemble

This group founded by Arham Aryadi on 26 June 2016. This group made by the ideas to combine western instrument and Indonesian traditional instrument. This group wants to help the young composers who made a new music with both instruments to be performed. This group also develops electronic music to be combined with the instruments.


Music Director and Composer : Arham Aryadi

Assistant Music Director : Putri Aisyah

Manager : Ivan Halim


Violin I : Astrid Silaban

Violin II : M. Iqbal

Viola : M. Imam

Cello : Jessica Yohanes


Gamelan : Jeffry Alexander

Gamelan : Kenanya Hermanus

Gamelan : Rakha

Gamelan : Ridho

la birinth ensemble

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